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Women's Self Defense Enumclaw

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– Women’s Workshop –

The most awesome, hands-on women’s workshop West of the Cascades.
Ages high school and up.

– Key features –

  • Learn AND practice hands-on practical, easy to remember techniques to defend yourself and your family.
  • When do I fight? How brutal should I be? Are Christians even supposed to defend themselves? Learn insightful, down-to-earth fight philosophy.
  • All body types welcome. Everyone be prepared to sweat!

1 Participant

$ 30

For entire workshop

Reserve (1) Spot

2 Participants25% Discount

$ 45

For entire workshop

Reserve (2) Spots

Women's Self Defense Seattle

– FAQs –

Q. What do I bring?

A. Wear comfy clothes, shoes, and bring water or your favorite sports drink.

Q. What's the age limit?

A. Content is rated PG-13, so it depends on the maturity level.

Q. Are women AND men invited?

A. Yes; guys and gals are welcome; we actually encourage both to come because the techniques are so solid.

Q. What if I'm sick?

A. Two options: 1. Get a refund–just contact us, or 2. We’ll automatically credit you for our next workshop.