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We are a nonprofit organization, and we provide these classes for free.
A small suggested donation ($40/month) is optional to cover negligible costs.
But we don’t want anything to stop you from coming by.
Simply sign the waiver (step 1) and show up to class (programs here).

Affordable for everyone.

...cheaper than typical martial arts.



Step 1. Sign the *KA Waiver. (new window)

*You only need to fill out this waiver once per student, unless there’s a change then please fill out another.




Step 2. Choose a payment type.


$ 40

Per Month

  • 8 classes per month/2 per week.
    • Note: Holidays may cancel some classes.
  • -75% the cost of conventional martial art rates.
  • No contract; quit anytime.
  • Sales tax included.

Pay monthly
(new window)


$ 440

Per Year

  • 17% discount paying a year in advance.
  • 48 classes per year.
    • Note: Holidays may cancel some classes.
  • No contract; quit anytime.
  • Sales tax included.

Pay yearly
(new window)



Step 3. Show up & have fun.

Be sure to bring: 

  • Comfortable clothes, a gi if you have one. Preferably wear long pants because we do a lot of ground work (workout pants or even PJs will suffice).
  • Water.
  • Adults: Mouth guard if you’d like to spar. Grappling gloves are a plus, but not necessary.


Everyone is welcome, from all backgrounds.

# of our students who come from different martial arts.


Currently paying?

To stop recurring payments, simply email us at
“Please stop monthly payments for ______.”

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